What is this site trying to accomplish?

Give you information on health and life insurance issues

  • Basics, important details, new developments; illustrations.
  • The importance of shopping around for quality and savings.
  • Types of coverages and their use in various situations.
  • Advantages of dealing with brokers.
  • Caveats and facts on frequent myths and objections.


... and on some aspects of financial planning, especially as they relate to insurance and mutual fund investments.

  • Various applications of tax-advantaged investment in insurance policies.
  • Useful and faulty investment strategies and tactics.
  • Lessons from history of markets, - illustrations by charts.
  • New developments that deserve attention, - in newsletter.
  • Opinion on some controversial issues.

Offer you my services


  • Free, non-committing consultation on many aspects of protecting and nurturing financial assets.
  • Responsible, well-prepared, and circumspect service.
  • No hiding of own interest.
  • Detailed illustrations / insurance policies from dozens of companies.
  • Comprehensive or modular financial planning, with or without accompanying offering of financial products and ongoing financial management services














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Life and health insurance (including disability, critical illness, and long-term care protection)

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