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Retirement planning is just as important for you as for a married person. Learn about financial planning in general,

If you are without kids, your interest in life insurance may be limited, or none, since you may not have the responsibilities someone with a spouse and/or children has. Still, you might find some of the arguments for having life insurance worthwhile to consider. True, life insurance is first and foremost for the protection of surviving dependents, but there are also additional functions and applications that might be of interest to you.

If you have kids, considering life insurance is probably even more important than for someone who raises those kids with a spouse. Also, ensuring that your children get good education can be an even more serious challenge than for someone with a spouse. You should definitely be aware of the features of RESPs, and possibly invest in them at least the amount that triggers the maximum available government grant.

Whether you have kids or not, protecting yourself from the consequences of injuries and illnesses is very important; you may have a great, supportive circle of family and friends, ... but their support is probably not endless, and you may not even really want to rely on that. Anyhow, your fallback position is probably significantly weaker than of someone with a spouse. You should know about the wide availability of individually owned health, disability, critical illness, and long term care insurance, and the limitations of group policies from the workplace.











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