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May 13, 2010

Submission to Task Force on Financial Literacy

As you may already know, a Task Force on Financial Literacy is working on a report and recommendations for a national strategy to strengthen financial literacy in Canada. The report is for the Minister of Finance …


January 29, 2009

Set out to be more self reliant

The more responsibility you take for your own financial plans and management, the better the chances for success. Complete outsourcing can be expensive and risky, while devoting personal time, attention and effort to it will most likely bring great rewards. …


Creative play with widely different planning scenarios

One of the trappings of planning is that memories of the past, especially the most recent ones, constrain our ability to even consider potential futures significantly different from what we already know; it’s very beneficial to fight this tendency. Related …


Four useful avenues

Filed under: planning,risks,thinking,uncertainty - 29 Jan 2009

Before forking into four more or less separate branches of my recommendations, in this section you can read and watch some thoughts about dealing with the future in general, the roles and limits of forecasts, and dealing with risks and …

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