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June 1, 2008

Seniors in the family? Yourself, your (grand)parents, … or both?

Filed under: senior,planning,situational: - 01 Jun 2008

The concept and issues of aging have been going through tremendous changes recently. Being a senior is much less chronologically determined than before. Previously unheard of challenges, opportunities, and ambitions characterize many seniors’ lives. The following …


If you are responsible for a family

Filed under: family,planning,situational: - 01 Jun 2008

Families usually are the basic subjects of financial planning. Every family is unique, but there are some generalities as well. The following may be a good starting point to the exploration of the financial side of the future of …


If you are single or divorced

Filed under: single,planning,situational: - 01 Jun 2008

Your specific circumstances (resources, ambitions, visions, obligations, limits, etc.) may be different, but it may serve as a good start to consider the following, when thinking about your future:

Retirement planning is at least as important for you as it is …


Preparation for the ‘golden decades’

Filed under: _important,lifestyle,retirement,situational: - 01 Jun 2008

Retirement planning is probably the number one reason people are interested in personal financial planning. Given the huge amount of widely available information on this topic (endless lists of books, articles, websites, advertisements, etc.), it’s close to impossible to say …

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