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April 25, 2011

Refunds, risks, and time value of money: A case of insurance policy analysis

Some important aspects to consider when deciding about insurance purchases

After a generic intro, a few key factors of policy alternative evaluations will be scrutinized, using the example of a 25 year old healthy woman who is concerned about …


February 6, 2010

Policies as savings, investment, or pension income products: the less gloomy aspects of insurance

… look at the wealth creation and accumulation side of finance. Even within this realm though, some insurance products offer significant benefits over comparable bank or mutual fund products, especially for the elderly, the risk-averse, or the affluent.


January 18, 2010

Planning around Long-term care need if one cannot (or doesn’t want to) buy LTC insurance

‘There is more than one way to skin a cat’ can be true for some when planning how to pay for the things (and mainly the services) triggered by a potential long-term care situation. Underwriting difficulties are more frequent than …


December 22, 2009

Long Term Care insurance (LTCi) – an increasingly more important risk managing tool

What is the smaller mistake? The ‘waste premium dollars’ vs. ‘going uninsured’ dilemma in a ‘historical asset/income effects’ context. There is always a risk at any age that we become unable to take care of ourselves; chances for that grow …


June 26, 2009

Whole life insurance as investment – a disappearing excellent investment opportunity for retirement planning

Filed under: business owner, life insurance,retirement - 26 Jun 2009

A unique, high cash value providing, permanent life insurance policy will be withdrawn in a few weeks. For some people, especially financially stable young ones (provided it’s not an oxymoron in itself!), women, and business owners, it can be …


January 29, 2009

Allocate assets and products, and more kinds of them, wisely

Closely related to broad and creative goal-setting and synchronous balancing of many factors is giving robustness and resilience to your plans by involving more asset and product classes. It makes sense to step even further, beyond financial assets, and think …


June 2, 2008

FAQ #15 What is the essence of critical illness insurance? Whom is it for?

The need for critical illness insurance is probably bigger than for any other type of insurance because

the chance of suffering a critical illness is very high for any of us (click here for some data)
the financial loss or costs …


FAQ #13 What are the main types of life and health insurance?

Filed under: FAQ,insurance: - 02 Jun 2008

Since there are various kinds of risks, there are various kinds of insurance policies as well that you can consider. It is also important to take account of your wishes, responsibilities, and time horizon, when compiling an insurance portfolio.

The cheapest …


FAQ  #4. Why such a big emphasis on insurance?

Filed under: FAQ,insurance:,planning,statistics,time - 02 Jun 2008

Insurance planning is an integral part of personal life planning because

as individuals or families, we are quite vulnerable financially. Pooling resources with others gives improved chances in coping with various risks — this is the basic function, or protection aspect of insurance.
In many cases, insurance can be a sophisticated tool in managing the finances of families and businesses. In these functions, insurance is not simply a protective tool. Because of its legal and taxation treatment, it can be an enhancer of wealth creation, maintenance, and smart utilization as well.

The whole institution of insurance wouldn’t exist if the future were knowable.


FAQ  #3. Why is time frame so important in dealing with our financial future? What does it mean, anyway?

Filed under: FAQ,insurance:,investing,planning - 02 Jun 2008

Pooling resources with others gives improved chances in coping with various risks — this is the basic, protection, aspect of insurance. In addition, insurance can be a sophisticated tool in managing the finances of families and businesses.

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