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February 6, 2010

Policies as savings, investment, or pension income products: the less gloomy aspects of insurance

… look at the wealth creation and accumulation side of finance. Even within this realm though, some insurance products offer significant benefits over comparable bank or mutual fund products, especially for the elderly, the risk-averse, or the affluent.


December 22, 2009

Long Term Care insurance (LTCi) – an increasingly more important risk managing tool

What is the smaller mistake? The ‘waste premium dollars’ vs. ‘going uninsured’ dilemma in a ‘historical asset/income effects’ context. There is always a risk at any age that we become unable to take care of ourselves; chances for that grow …


July 27, 2009

New ways of creating personal pension type retirement income producing portfolios

Invitation to a conference dealing with annuities and optimal allocation in retirement provides an opportunity to evaluate two special calculators, one (from a major Canadian insurer) kept for financial advisors and insurance agents/brokers, while the other freely available for anyone …


June 1, 2008

Where there is a will, … there has not necessarily been proper estate planning done as well

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Some people think that estate planning is about merely will-preparation, something separate from detailed financial planning. It is a gross and dangerous misunderstanding and oversimplification to hold this view.

Estate planning encompasses our whole life, its various aims and characteristics at …


Education Planning

Filed under: family,_important,education planning,planning - 01 Jun 2008

Financing post-secondary education has grown into a formidable task for many people. Despite its cost, education is still the best investment into the future of children, or often even of adults who want or are forced to switch their …


Preparation for the ‘golden decades’

Filed under: _important,lifestyle,retirement,situational: - 01 Jun 2008

Retirement planning is probably the number one reason people are interested in personal financial planning. Given the huge amount of widely available information on this topic (endless lists of books, articles, websites, advertisements, etc.), it’s close to impossible to say …


People do not plan to fail; they just fail to plan

This is perhaps the most important of these pages and posts. It describes my approach to planning, and argues against the no-sayers who deny the feasibility of useful planning activity.


Risks in life planning

Filed under: _important,insurance:,investing,planning - 01 Jun 2008

Life and health insurance can help achieve and maintain financial health, a basic component of protecting your health in the broad sense advocated by the WHO. Financial stability or financial health of anyone can be affected by investment risks as …

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