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January 29, 2009

Creative play with widely different planning scenarios

One of the trappings of planning is that memories of the past, especially the most recent ones, constrain our ability to even consider potential futures significantly different from what we already know; it’s very beneficial to fight this tendency. Related …


A few straight talking pundits

This section is mainly a collection of video clips and other documents with a few connecting comments. These ‘gurus’ differ from the mainstream, and are recommended as sources to heed to. Some of the documents are embedded in this page; …


June 1, 2008

Transition page from old site to new

Filed under: change - 01 Jun 2008

Welcome to my emerging new website, with updated info and more dynamic content and interactivity.

The transition, which I originally planned in a single step, takes longer than expected. It means that I keep the old pages as long as there …

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