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July 27, 2009

New ways of creating personal pension type retirement income producing portfolios

Invitation to a conference dealing with annuities and optimal allocation in retirement provides an opportunity to evaluate two special calculators, one (from a major Canadian insurer) kept for financial advisors and insurance agents/brokers, while the other freely available for anyone …


January 29, 2009

Allocate assets and products, and more kinds of them, wisely

Closely related to broad and creative goal-setting and synchronous balancing of many factors is giving robustness and resilience to your plans by involving more asset and product classes. It makes sense to step even further, beyond financial assets, and think …


Learn lessons of the past, and from long term running of numbers

It became obvious recently that relying on the lessons of recent history only can gravely mislead us. Real life examples and review of both historic and long-term made-up scenarios can help in finding best personally viable asset-allocation strategies, and protect …


June 2, 2008

FAQ #14 Why diversification is so vital? What is it? How to do it?

Filed under: asset-allocation,diversification,FAQ - 02 Jun 2008

Diversification, in layman terms, means: Do not keep all your eggs in one basket. Since we cannot predict the future, it’s better to prepare for a range of potential versions of it, and thereby spread the risks of negative outcomes …

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