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Most people can probably prepare and file with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) their own tax returns. Doing it the old way, scribing numbers on hard copy paper forms is not just old fashioned; it’s also more tiresome and error-prone, and less efficient. CRA encourages everyone [well, not quite everyone, since there are some exceptions, people who are not entitled for NETFILE-ing, but the great majority are, … see details here] to rely on electronic filing and keeping in touch with them in other respects as well via the internet. To do this, one simply has to register as a user on their web site (see: here). Once that’s done, it’s very convenient for, among other things, having easy access to one’s own files, including returns and Notices of Assessments for previous years. Processing time is much shorter of returns submitted electronically than of those submitted on paper.

There are several inexpensive or even free software programs to help in calculating and filing your own tax returns. For various reasons, some people still prefer tax-preparers to perform this annual ritual for them. For the sake of such people, from 2015 on,

I offer tax preparation and EFILE submission service as part of my service offering.

Main features of this service:

    Right now, the offering is for individuals; it will be followed by tax filing for corporations, trusts, and charities as well. (Please send inquiry if interested in the latter part.)
    Simply put, EFILE-ing is the same for registered tax-preparers that NETFILE-ing is for individuals submitting their own tax returns. (see here)
    Once we have met (to agree upon the foundation and conditions of our cooperation), all other communication may happen via very secure internet connections. Scanned documents and other digital files will be sent via e-Courier, a service much more secure than regular email.
    Fee per return is from $40 and up. In cases of couples, optimization of pension income splitting, charitable donations, and/or medical expenses is included.
    Providing digital and/or hard copy of your return for future reference, … or for signing and sending it in if you’re not eligible for electronic submission of your return.
    Help with establishing access to My Account on CRA website. Possibility of arrangement whereby tax-preparer stays involved with ongoing contact/communication between tax-payer and CRA.
    Help in expressing support for less militarism and more peace-building, up to the extent of withholding/redirecting all or part of the portion of tax payable that would otherwise go to military purposes. (for more on this, see here and here.)

Please contact me if you want to use the service.


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